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Get Connected to Access and Local Wholesale Services

Ziply Fiber makes it easy for Wholesale Carriers and CLECs to do business with us. Whether choosing to use our VFO tool or eBonding, Ziply Fiber provides you with a way to efficiently process and manage orders. Review the steps below to obtain access to Ziply Fiber’s Operational Support Systems.

Industry codes are required to do Wholesale business with Ziply Fiber.

Step 1: Establish Connectivity
Submit the Connectivity Access Form to request eBonded or VFO connectivity.


Step 2: Establish a profile if ordering Local Services
Submit the CLEC Wholesale Account Profile Form to order local services, such as voice products, voice with broadband, unbundled loops, LNP, or Standalone Directory.

For LSR eBonding technical specifications (EDI via Interactive Agent or UOM/XML), see the Business Rules page.


Step 3: Register for Masterstream Access
The Ziply Fiber MasterStream portal allows registered Agent Companies to request instant quotes for end-user locations across the Ziply Fiber footprint and for certain services.

Step 4: Complete USF Certification and provide all other tax exemption certificates
Ziply Fiber provides you with the below Universal Service Fund Certification Form, which must be provided to Ziply Fiber annually. Please obtain all other exemption certificates from the governmental body imposing the tax. Exemption forms must be provided to Ziply Fiber before any tax exemption is placed on an account.

Step 5: Request Billing Feeds (Optional)
Submit the Billing Feed Connectivity Form to request billing feeds, such as Billing Data Tape, Data Usage Files, or Meet Point Billing.