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Billing Disputes – Local (DPI) BANs
Ziply Fiber’s Claims Tracking Portal allows wholesale customers to directly upload claims, for Local Services billing in DPI, to Ziply Fiber’s Claim Tracking System (CTS). The portal provides a link to the Billing Claims Template which is required for submitting claims. The portal also performs upfront validation of uploaded claim templates immediately alerting the user of any errors. The portal will assign batch numbers to validated claims for tracking purposes.

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Billing Disputes – CABS BANs
To submit claims on CABS billing, please complete the claims template below and send completed form to:

Billing References
My Ziply Business Account Online for Local and ISP Wholesale Billing

My Ziply Business Account Online is a billing system to enable users to view statements and review the billable services (WTN, BAN, Circuit ID, etc.) for Local and ISP billing. Depending on the security level of the user will determine the functions available.